Invite to a Marlowe guru

Through our Catalyst swarm sessions it was suggested that we build all our smart contracts through Marlowe and help build up a library there, as we want to share our solutions with the community.

But I have had some problems actually getting hold of someone proficient in Marlowe, so this is me reaching out a hand to anyone wanting to become part of our online makerspace solution
(PS: not to be confused with ADAmakerspace OR Maker) we are building a digital solution for DIY open marketplace that brings in new functionality to e-commerce and rapid prototyping.

The majority of our solutions have already been built, we expect to have a fully working platform within the next 3 months.

What is currently missing is smart contracts and wallet functionality integrated to the system.
(later stages include AI, metadata and a few other fancy things)

Please reach out to me if this is of interest. :heart:

Reference channels:

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