250 ADA BOUNTY seen in ADA MakerSpace Episode2

https://youtu.be/OLOVTTChicI we had some issues/bugs in our workshop and offering a Bounty Hunters 250 ADA to be the 1st to troubleShoot and comment with the fix!

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First of all, Boone, congratulations on the development of your channel!
I remember when you just started it, since Fund1 in Project Catalyst and now it’s almost the end of Fund2.
I hope your podcast idea is supported and we’ll see more content.

Only recently I started to learn Marlowe in details, and just found this thread on the forum.
As the interest towards Cardano ecosystem grow, more people will be coming here and read the development section

So is still bounty still available?
I think no, as it’s been a while since September, but still decided to ask

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Thank you Andrii. And same to you!

The bounty mentioned in this is over, but if ADA MakerSpace is funded in fund2 we will be doing more bounties. And some will just be for sharing videos from the channel.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Let’s hope it is funded in Fund3!

Here is a link to proposal

Everyone who is interested - you can vote for this proposal at the ending stage of Fund3

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Thank you Andrii!!!