ADA MakerSpace, a Winner of Cardano Project Catalyst Fund3

Project Catalyst is a Decentralized Innovation Fund in the Cardano ecosystem, where everyone can submit a proposal idea, and in several stages ADA holders vote which ideas will be funded. Recently Fund3 ended and 20 projects received funding + 2 community choice challenges (you can see the full results here)

ADA MakerSpace - DEV lessons proposal was created by Boone Bergsma. It’s actually one of the oldest proposals as it took part in Fund1 and was the winner, but Fund1 was a test fund with no real funding distributed. And in Fund2 the proposal was close but didn’t win. This time in fund3 ADA holders voted “Yes” way more than “No” and ADA MakerSpace will be receiving Catalyst funding.

I met Boone in the summer of 2020 when we took part in Fund1 together. One of the missions of Project Catalyst is that it’s connecting people. Boone and I joined efforts at the beginning of 2021 and have started a venture studio called Blockchain Laboratories, and are collaborating on ADA MakerSpace. So I am a winner in Catalyst this time too!

ADA MakerSpace provides free video lessons for anyone interested in learning how to build DApps and Smart Contracts that will run on the Cardano blockchain. ADA MakerSpace is already an existing project which has a website and youtube channel with 8 lessons.

ADA MakerSpace will also test and build ideas for community members who are viewing episodes and trying out Plutus and Marlowe Playgrounds in an open-source online environment. ADA MakerSpace Series will help developers and entrepreneurs learn how to build Dapps and businesses on Cardano blockchain while watching others build their ideas.

People watching will get real blockchain development knowledge and cool opportunities from being a viewer of our episodes. In addition to ADA Airdrops and Bounties during the episodes, we will also build Tools and Smart Contract Templates anyone can copy and paste to use for building on Cardano.

We have already chosen some interesting topics for lessons like Meta Data, Minting NFTs, and using Glow, and will be doing Special Guest Episodes with Ecosystem Builders who are creating cool things on Cardano. We hope that many new collaborations, new businesses, and startups will emerge and grow in the Cardano ecosystem because of ADA MakerSpace.

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