Project Catalyst, Fund2. Winners (quick view)

The Catalyst project is the beginning of the Voltaire era, concerning the governance of Cardano.

Whoever registers at Catalyst will be able to propose ideas. Only registered Ada holders will vote on proposals for funding.

This sustains the Cardano ecosystem in the long term.

Fund2 was the first time that Project Catalyst participants pitched, debated, refined, and voted on proposals using real Ada.

With an initial Ada fund available of $250,000, 11 proposals will be funded.

  1. PoolTool platform upgrade : Opening avenues to build businesses and applications on Cardano that differentiate between stake pool operators by offering additional products. This upgrade is aimed at increasing infrastructure diversity across Cardano.
  2. Ouroboros over RINA : Deploying a proof of concept stake pool and relay solution of Ouroboros over RINA using Ethernet/WDM at two sites in Tokyo, Japan.
  3. Haskell/Plutus/Marlowe education : Creating educational content that conveys complex information in a structured way, supplemented with examples that inspire ideas. This proposal makes it easier for new developers and entrepreneurs.
  4. Create a message-signing standard : Generating a message-signing standard to prove reserves, identity, and stake pool delegation.
  5. Liqwid : Cardano lending markets for decentralized finance: Creating an open-source, non-custodial liquidity protocol to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets on Cardano.
  6. Cardano for mobile DApp developers : Turning mobile platforms into the first-class citizens of the DApp world with mobile SDKs, mobile-first DApp experience and app store compatibility.
  7. GimbaLabsstarter kits and tools : GimbaLabs is a startup platform providing free and open source APIs, lessons, and project-based learning resources to help people bring their ideas to life on Cardano and so drive adoption of the blockchain.
  8. Lovelace Academy for Marlowe and Plutus : Establishing an online academy to attract, inspire and educate individuals and companies to create applications on Cardano’s smart contract and native assets platform.
  9. Sign Tx Arduino : Starting a library for code written in the C programming language that is compatible with the Arduino development environment. Sign local Cardano transactions in advance of smart contracts being available to enable applications for the internet of things (IoT).
  10. Pet Registry DApp with ₳Pay : Helping developers accept ada payments on websites. The Pet Registry DApp, built on ₳Pay, will service a global audience in a cheaper, better way. Devs are inspired by successful apps and the tools needed to build them, By creating both, we can inspire and accelerate devs and their solutions.
  11. Japan Cardano Governance Association : Meetings & Communities & Podcasts: supporting online/offline meetups, governance podcasts etc. for our Japanese community.

Did anyone catch the Catalyst URL for this project? When I search for RINA on the Fund2 page (apparently no longer linked from the main Ideascale front page or menu, now that Fund3 has begun), I get nothing.

You’d also think that when going to the Fund2 page you’d have something useful like a “list of winners” with links to the selected projects above. Yet, there’s nothing. Is this list kept anywhere official? And why would this information not somewhere on the Fund2 page itself? Or even anywhere on the current (Fund3) page?

Catalyst @ Ideascale login required for this link (the unlinked Fund2 home page):

p.s. I did manage to answer one of these questions. From the drop-down menu on the search page, if you select “Fund2 Challenge” in addition to your search term (e.g. RINA) then it will search the Fund2 projects. Still no idea how even that “Advanced Search” would determine the list of Fund2 winners. :thinking: