Marlowe and NFT transactions


I have seen a lot of discussion about Marlowe and NFTs but I haven’t seen specifically about these concepts together. I am really a beginner and I’m looking at which tools I have to learn to get the job done first.

I want to use Marlowe to make transactions between ADA and NFTs from a specific policyid.

The question is: can this be done in Marlowe? If yes, is it straightforward? Can you give an example?
If not, what is the best tool to have a smart contract that can make these transactions automated?

Thanks in advance.

More specific details would require knowing your use cases beyond the keywords of Marlowe and NFT. Generally the answer is “Yes” but the question is “Why?”

Current options:

cardano-cli - workaround using before policy to sort of make NFT via native token transaction. This is the method used for almost all tokens in existence to date.

plutus - can handle more complex minting policies but integration still requires full node and cardano-cli currently. It is effectively beta testing on mainnet.

marlowe - this is a higher level abstraction over plutus intended for finance sector primarily. It is still in alpha testing:

Thank you for the answer, this is mostly what I want - I don’t need to mint tokens yet - just be able to make transactions with existing NFT and ADA. I think Marlowe is enough for this but I needed confirmation just to not hit a roadblock.

Always use the simplest solution. If you do not explicitly require marlowe, plutus, etc then do not use them as it will add complexity to your project.