Concern about coincashew docs to build node from source

Hi all,
I used the CoinCashew docs to set up my staking pool (2 relay x 1 BP) about a week or so ago. Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

In the docs, they suggest tweaking the cabal.project.local as follows and then running a cabal build of only the cardano-cli and cardano-node.

# Update the cabal config, project settings, and reset build folder.
echo -e "package cardano-crypto-praos\n flags: -external-libsodium-vrf" > cabal.project.local

cabal build cardano-cli cardano-node

Based on a recent support article from Carlos of IOHK, his directions are slightly different.
IOHK support article
In the article, Carlos mentions

Note, that for a development build you can avoid installing the custom libsodium library and add the following lines to the local project file
echo “package cardano-crypto-praos” >> cabal.project.local
echo “flags: -external-libsodium-vrf” >> cabal.project.local

I’m wondering if I should avoid overriding the cabal.project.local, since a staking pool node is not a development build?

He is also doing a cabal build all. I noticed that doing cabal build all will include building the tx-generator package. It does not appear that tx-generator is necessary to run the BP and relay nodes in a production setting? Based on some documentation here, tx-generator, it appears it is used to support a cardano-cli subcommand to generate-txs needed to support spinning up a cluster.

Is it safe to just run cabal build cardano-cli cardano-node and not run cabal build all.

I’d really appreciate feedback. I can’t see any issues in the logs, but maybe they don’t show up unless you produce a block. I’m not sure.


If the nodes are up and running (100% synced, procesing tx, etc) u should not worry about losing blocks

That makes me feel better. Thanks @Alexd1985

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