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Would appreciate further feedback/views on the subject matter of concurrency and what solutions that are currently : work in progress and or, already resolved ?

Do we anticipate any impact with Goguen whilst awaiting a fix for this


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I think the issue is bigger than just concurrency. The effective limit on number of inputs and outputs in a transaction might make distributed state essential for a complex smart contract that intends to hold a lot of information.

There is a body of computer science literature on distributed computing, petri nets, concurrent discrete-event simulation, and state machines that is relevant. I presume that the solutions will draw on that. My guess is that use-case specific solutions will emerge in time for Goguen, but that a fully general solution could take a while.

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For a “smart contract” to be deterministic would it not require a finite state machine?

It seems the problem here, as with many blockchains trying to attain higher throughput, is settling the resolution of transactions within the single congruent ledger impacted by multiple dependencies. Of course a much simpler solution is do not compete with VISA …

Do you buy a house with a credit card today?
Do you buy a sandwich with a smart contract today?
Which of these needs to be changed?

I keep circling back to trying to identify what problems blockchains and cryptocurrency solve. The more I think about it the less I think throughput, concurrency, and similar complaints matter. Supporting day traders is irrelevant. Of course whenever I try to think outside the box I typically just find another box …

Thanks for the replies above🙏

My apologies for the delay in responding, been having a few challenges with health issues with my father.

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