Contingent Staking does not violate any blockchain principles

Contingent Staking (CS) is like a red rag on a bull for many members of the community. These people are trying to defend the basic principles of public blockchain networks, of which Cardano is clearly one. Opponents believe that KYC required by some SPOs will lead to some principles being violated and Cardano could gradually become a centralized network. The heated debate about Contingent Staking is not so much about the technology as it is about the philosophy of the project and Satoshi’s legacy. If you think about the very basic principles of blockchain technology, you will find that CS does not fundamentally violate any of them. I’ll try to convince you of that.


  • Contingent Staking mostly interferes with the definition of permissionless, as SPOs requesting delegator’s data become gatekeepers.
  • No one can centrally dictate to SPOs how to manage their policies related to delegations. Cardano remains permissionless.
  • The delegators’ market demand for non-KYC pools will be stronger than the powers of the authority. The market will influence what kind of pools will emerge.
  • Authorities cannot gain control of Cardano through SPOs as control is held by ADA holders.
  • Preventing the introduction of a new feature on the basis of ideology or philosophy may lead to a violation of the principle of openness.
  • Contingent Staking is designed to be completely trustless.
  • We need to be smart in our fight against the current financial world. The CS feature can help us.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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Quoting Bison Coin:

  • pools will get option to reject “govt banned” stake. So they can run legal business in their jurisdiction.

  • govt will ask these pools to censor non OFAC compliant tx & don’t validate or even build on blocks mined by non OFAC compliant pools ! Will they comply? I think yes they will.

If the government can get control 51% blocks in epoch they can successfully censor ‘state enemies’ Yet the bandwagon here sees no problem in KYC pools & electing politicians to govern protocol

Major pools can only build on compliant blocks. I am talking about block re-orgs

In that case non compliance tx won’t get in confirmed blocks

Twitter user mannybegaming says (with which I agree):

“Yeah seems like operators are pretending this isnt a reality and that the US Govt would never do such things… they do it daily.”

Eager to hear how this is wrong?