Craig Wright taking down BTC

What do you think of Craig Wright stating that he will destroy bitcoin by the end of 2019? Is it even possible ?

Is that fake Satoshi or the other guy?

Fake Satoshi

He claims he has so much Bitcoin that when he sells it, it will come down to $100 and destroy it.

Fake satoshi. I cant believe how much credibility people give him. Just wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were on if it could be done

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Fake Satoshi is a joke. His claims are ludicrous and laughable. Multiple agencies, governments and Wall Street have tried to bring down Bitcoin with no success. Bitcoin is here to stay for the time being.

If Bitcoin goes to $100 I’m definitely buying some!

I wouldn’t believe anything fake Satoshi says. Charles referred to Wright in his recent ama as “a sociopath and a fraud” which I think sums it up well.


If he was capable of destroying Bitcoin then why wouldn’t he do it now, instead of announcing it to everyone and waiting 6 - 12 months?
He’s obviously lying and just doing it for attention.
There’s a recent Reddit comment showing how easy it is to fake a signature if you don’t provide the message that goes with it.

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I’m Mickey Mouse. Do you believe it’s possible?

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More believable than Craig being Satoshi.



It’s not only possible but absolutely true. I know that because you showed me your ears privately, you remember?
Craig Wrong


If Bitcoin die, what is the new king of cryptospace ? It must be Cardano.
This is evolution.
Dont buy Bitcoin if it drops to 100 USD. That is the chance to kill it and rise the new king.
Bitcoin is bad. Extremely low tech with full of manipulation.

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If the real Satoshi were to present himself, how many of you would even believe him? Maybe none. Everyone has created a mental picture of their ideal Satoshi who is probably this tall sexy and strong guy like John Gault.
Even the Saviour was stoned and crucified when he showed up in Person, despite the fact that they had all been eagerly waiting for him to come.

I believe the guy.

I doubt it, no one can destroy BTC. Craig Wright such an Ugly frustrated individual it just as bad as Roger Ver. Me think.

After witnessing the hashwar i learn so much that I’m going to say goodbye to all PoS shitcoin

Bye cardano

Thanks for the ride

I learned that war is a terrible thing!