Crontab Script timing for topologyUpdater

I have a script that notifies me when my server misses a topology update, on the hour on minute 4.


but its automatically doing this @ minute 4 51 seconds so there is a conflict.

I want to have my crontab notifcation without this conflict.

Both are doing the same, comment one line inside crontab file

I need it to notify me, would commenting in crontab still send me my message to healthchecks?

Keep active your script… commnet the topology script

where do i comment the topology script?


I need this crontab to run to notify me on healthchecks

This is your script?

accept there is a 4 at the beginning

Ok, wait few minutes

how should i edit it because my topology is conflicting i need to fix this crontab because its messing up my messages in logs

I can’t remember the service name

type cd /etc/systemd/system

ls -l and look for topology updater services

Share the output

not in there

systemd service
The script can be deployed as a background service in different ways but the recommended and easiest way if was used, is to utilize the script to setup and schedule the execution. This will deploy both push & fetch service files as well as timers for a scheduled 60 min node alive message and cnode restart at the user set interval when running the deploy script.

  • cnode-tu-push.service : pushes a node alive message to Topology Updater API
  • cnode-tu-push.timer : schedules the push service to execute once every hour
  • cnode-tu-fetch.service : fetches a fresh topology file before cnode.service file is started/restarted
  • cnode-tu-restart.service : handles the restart of cardano-node(
  • cnode-tu-restart.timer : schedules the cardano-node restart service, default every 24h

so, u will need to disable tu-push.service

sudo systemctl stop cnode-tu-push.service
sudo systemctl stop cnode-tu-push.timer
sudo systemctl disable cnode-tu-push.service
sudo systemctl disable cnode-tu-push.timer

Now, only the script seted inside crontab should run once/hour

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thanks for the help i really appreciate it

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now hopefully when i wake up i have transactions and some peers

You should… if not I will connect my relay :slight_smile:

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Check out my servers I disconnected them a few minutes ago to install the pci express extension cable and new graphics card that came in the mail. (probably why my uptime was 2 mins :slight_smile:


Added a 10 tb hard drive in the relay might setup some type of media box / movies, etc.

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Black is block, and white is relay. heres the parts again: Computer parts, laptops, electronics, and more - Newegg United States I also added

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I have this one for my producer

Bought SH with 400$ and the SSD is 256

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