Custom tokens & digital identity


Custom tokens?
I am interested to find out if Cardano will allow the creation of custom tokens similar to the Etherium token contract? I am conceptualising a labour economy platform that could benefit from having different kinds of custom tokens. These tokens need to be:

-non-transferable. Each time a contract is executed successfully, ie deliverables are satisfactory then the worker gets credited new tokens.
-inclusive of a share token similar to NEO
-constantly attached to a digital identity

Digital identity?
Will Ada support digital identities so that a person can be trusted? Or will the platform need to feed into third-party ledgers that specialise in identity (ie government). Finally, would the platform need to be permissioned and could ADA support something like this or would it need to be hosted on a custom made blockchain (by hyperledger for example)?


I believe tokens will be possible when smart contracts are possible with the release of Goguen:

I’m not sure about identity.


Not only Cardano will support tokens! Cos of this great tech - any erc20 token will be able to run on Cardano