Daedalus 0.11.2 stuck synching at 99.99%


Hello there, everytime something is not as usual I’m getting nervous because I’m not a professional. I’m just a normal user that wants to open the wallet and it should work.
Until yesterday everything was fine. I kept the wallet open for several days. Now I returned and it shortly showed the balance and then switched over to the synchronize screen where it stuck at 100.00%. Ok, so I installed the latest version 0.11.2 (it was 0.11.1 before). Nothing changed. Synch stops at 99.99%. I tried the support request that appears after some time but it failed to send for some unknown reason. What should I do now?

Thanks in advance

I'm getting all my family members Ada wallets for xmas

ok. I found out first to delete the content of DB1.0 Thats what I’m doing now. Let’s see what happens.




This did not work. Synchronizing does not finish and stopped.

Even reporting an issue doesn’t work.