"Having trouble syncing?" Synce problem

I bought some more coins yesterday, cool, so I went to try and put them in the wallet, and that problem came up
I’ve never had another previous problem with the wallet, but now, for some reason, the sync stands at 99.30%, sometimes at 99.29%.
What do I do to solve this? Anyone else with the same sync problem?

there is a new version of daedalus, you need to download, install and overwrite your existing daedalus, it solves most of the sync problems. https://daedaluswallet.io/#download


Ouk i will try it

It worked, thanks bro

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Cheers!!! Glad that it solves your syncing issue,

What does it mean overwritting your existing daedalus?.Thanks

@Oskarkapitan If you already have a daedalus wallet in your computer but it is not the newest/recent/updated version the one you download now will overwrite/replace your older/existing daedalus wallet. So 1st download the new version of daedaluswallet, 2nd install it, then lastly if you have an older version of the wallet you will get a message if you want to overwrite/replace the old version of your wallet with a new one.

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Thanks mate, I downloaded daedalus last week…I didn’t know nothing about this recent update.

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Cheers! I hopes it solves your syncing problem too.