Daedalus Mainnet folder blockchain

How can I move the location of the Daedalus blockchain to another drive E: \ Cardano
And if it is possible to place all system folders in one place too
So is there a way to move the Daedalus Mainnet folder… – C:\Users\pc\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus Mainnet to an Ext HDD to say E: \ Cardano \ Daedalus Mainnet
so that everything is not on the system drive, but on a separate one in a certain folder there is a blockchain and a wallet nearby

Check this post (note that Daedalus in profile folder is now Daedalus Mainnet rest of the steps still apply)


Everything helped thanks
But in the future it would be nice to add customization of blockchain location on any disk.
This could be done from Daedalus itself

Yes, the feature request is open for ~3 years now, hopefully soon :slightly_smiling_face: