Moving Daedalus Mainnet folder from C:\Users\pc\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus Mainnet to and Ext HDD?

HI All

Just wondering if anyone has done this or knows how to do this or if it is even possible to do…

I would like to move the Daedalus Wallet off my C: drive to and Ext HDD as I only have a small 256gig SSD drive on my laptop and I am worried that over time it will start taking up to much room on my HDD…

So is there a way to move the Daedalus Mainnet folder… – C:\Users\pc\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus Mainnet to an Ext HDD to say E:\Users\pc\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus Mainnet

This way I could connect the Ext USB HDD each time I want to Sync the Wallet… This will save room on my C: Drive and also make my Wallet More Secure as it will not be connected to my PC all the time only when I need to access it.

There must be a way to do this with a Batch file srcipt.?

I am amazed that this can not be done with first install the wallet, giving you the option on where to install it…

Hope to find a solution to this question.

Thanks All

This has come up in the forum before but Daedalus has changed a lot since then.

You could change the Windows %APPDATA% location, I think that would probably be the best way of doing it, though you’d have to keep the ext drive connected all the time. Or it might be done with symlinks I guess, I’m not familiar with that in Windows.

However, I also have a 250GB SSD and I’m not worried about it. The chain is currently at just under 5GB and there’s 35GB free space. By the time it’s, say, five times bigger than now, I’ll have a new laptop with 500GB at the very least, more likely 1TB.