Daedalus on NixOS


I’m trying to build daedalus on NixOS (not with Nix only, but on an actual NixOS operating system), however I’m having a few difficulties. Basically, I followed these steps and executed the following:

# git clone https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus
# cd daedalus

If I switch to branch release/0.11.1, I cannot build the wallet with the command presented in the previous article:

# git checkout release/0.11.1
# nix-env -f release.nix -iA daedalus                                                                                                
error: attribute 'daedalus' in selection path 'daedalus' not found

However, if I use nix-build, then the wallet builds just fine:

# nix-build default.nix

My question is, which is the best way to build cardano, is building with nix-build okay and satisfies everything, so that if I transfer my coins to the Linux wallet, create the paper wallet and send the coins there, I’ll be able to restore them without problems?

Also, which branch is the best one to build the wallet from - is there a list of the latest branches that are up-to-date and contain all the latest stable development hurdles.

There is build-installer-nix.sh in daedalus repository. It works fine in my NixOS environment.

Thanks for the update, I’ll try that. Which git branch you’re referring to?

I did it on master branch

Great. Btw: did you test the following on Linux daedalus wallet:

  1. Send coins to the wallet and send it back to exchange - did the transaction work both ways?
  2. Created a paper wallet, sending coins to it, then restoring the coins from the paper wallet?

Basically I’m trying to determine if daedalus on Linux is fully operational, so I can start using it on my NixOS instead of relying on Windows version in VM, which is something that I don’t want to do. However I need to test things first, since Linux version is not officially supported, so I don’t loose my coins.

Unfortunately I didn’t yet.

I have not had a closer look into the error, but when I run build-isntaller-nix.sh in nixos 20.03 I get

./build-daedalus.sh: line 17: $(dirname “$0”)/…/installer-clusters.cfg: No such file or directory

So the script may not be up to date nowadays, and at first sight it looks more of an error on the daedalus side than in nixos. Just my feeling.