Source Code for Dummies

Hey friends, I’m new to all this, but trying to teach myself. I am trying to build Daedalus from source code on my linux machine. I have been following the instructions provided by iohk, but they are written for a higher level of command line understanding. I cloned cardano-sl and daedalus and have installed nix, but after that I get a bit lost. I was wondering if some kind soul would be willing to write more detailed instructions for building it from linux command line? Or link an existing resource I may have overlooked? I know that is asking a lot, any nudges in the right direction help!
Thanks, Brittany


Update: I just installed the beta version of the linux daedalus and it took all of 1 minute! I’m excited to play around with it. I’ll do some studying and come back to the source code later :slight_smile: