Daedalus: Slots displayed every 4 seconds not 20 seconds

So, I hear that slots are every 20 seconds. However, when watching the uptick in Daedalus,

Daedalus Slot

It skips 2 slots every 4 seconds . So, are slots actually every 2 seconds and not every 20?

When I take 1 slot every 20 seconds means 3 Slots per minute or 180 slots per hour or 4320 slots per day. This is a far cry from 432,000 slots displayed. What’s up with this and what’s the math behind 432000?

A slot is 1 second. Only 5% of those will have a block produced on average. That’s why the block time on average looks like 1 block every ~20 seconds.

Math is ok. 5 days * 24 hours/day * 3600 seconds/hour = 432000 slots.

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Thank you. The language on this page is very confusing.

“The Incentives and Staking in Cardano page says that, “A slot lasts 20 seconds, while an epoch contains 21,600 slots and lasts five days.” The probability of being elected a slot leader is proportional to one’s stake.”

It’s saying something that sounds very different.

It’s indeed inaccurate. At the moment the system is tune in such a way that on average at least one pool wins a slot every 20 slots. This could be increased in theory to 1 block each slot, however the block could probably not be spread fast enough though the network.

That’s probably referring to the Byron-era where each slots/blocks were 20 seconds apart, with 100% of slots containing a block.

It is because the blog is from a year before shelley era :slight_smile:

Ok, well when I Google how long a slot is, that’s what I get. So, a disclaimer on the blog post and/or something newer that will show up higher in the results with today’s accurate information would remove this confusion.