Cardano Explorer ( block watching ) -- block/slot ratio at about ~5% -- explaination request


Spent some time block watching on:

Notices that the block/slot ratio is like 5%

I see there was a transition from Epoch 207 ( where ration is 99.7% )

Epoch 208:

So currently there is a block for ~every 20 slots.

Something feels off. Seem like the block/slot ratio is a rough measure of the networks efficiency.

Curious if anyone has an answer or can at least make a guess at what the block/slot ratio is a function of, in IOHK speak what are the inputs that output a 0.49 block/slot ratio.

Finally, hope you all saw this:

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Hi @johnny-nuuma, block creation is randomized with an average of 1 block every 20 slots. There is a slot every second. So this means sometimes we have 2 blocks in 2 seconds and sometimes 1 block in 2 minutes.

Gonna answer my own question … sort of.

Stake Pool Gitbook – About Cardano- How are blocks produced

Clearly states that a slot leader is chosen “on average every 20 seconds”, so this is expected behavior.

Now curious why? I suppose it is a function of the random selection process which must be real time. Had the assumption that upon new epoch creation all slots were randomly allocated to a stake pool operator (SPO).

There are some Proof of Authority chains that have consistent ~5s block generation.

Seems that 10s then 5s block generation would be a good target for Cardano as long as decentralization/security not compromised or within some well defined tolerance.