Daedalus UI: select / copy TX information


Not sure where to file this otherwise, but, in Daedalus in the transactions I am only able to click the From address, the To address, and the txid. I cannot select or copy anything. That’s a bit of a nuisance. I’d like to be able to copy these 3 things and the transaction fee (or select and ctrl+c, but, Daedalus also has no right mouse context menu). So 4 things total.

The transaction amount can be selected, but poorly. Every time you try to do this, the transaction info opens/closes.

So please make this possible either by adding a “copy” button to the right of these (I’d like that) or just making it possible to select and copy.

Now every time I want to copy something I have to click it, e.g. the txid, and it opens a browser page… not that nice. And if I want to copy the tx fee, I have to manually type it over.

— AᴄᴛɪᴏɴMᴀɴ

V4.3.1#18992 on MacOS allows right click copy while hovering over link.

Does it copy the link or the address? Anyway this still does not help me, I’m using a Windows machine. Also, I suppose that you are still not able to copy the transaction fee.

I’m hoping for a better solution.

It copies the content (address), not the link. The amount can be copied as well in the same way.

I’d suggest you file an issue with the Daedalus GitHub project: