Daedalus wallet stacking - rewards earned and unspent rewards difference

Hey friends, I use daedalus wallet and i have staked my ada their. But i can not understand why i have rewards earned and unspent rewards… The difference is that the ada rewards are twice as much as the unspent rewards. Also it is weird to me that i can only see half of the rewards earned in the total amount… What is the real number of rewards earned? How can i get all my ada that i have earned and transfer to another wallet? If i want to transfer all my ada do i have to send total amount or unspent rewards or? I really do not understand it…


Copy one address from daedalus and paste it on cardanoscan.io and u will see the total rewards earned. In daedalus u don’t need to withdraw (its an automatically process) the rewards in order to soend them (send to another wallet). If u want to transfer all ada then send all balance available (it will include also the rewards)


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Rewards earned are the total staking reward you received since you started staking. It is calculated from your stake key.
Unspent rewards are the current staking bonus ada number that you have not withdrawn to your wallet. It’s still in your possession but hasn’t been delivered to your payment address.