Does it download whole cardano blockchain? I have limited internet plan

There is currently no lightweight wallet, Daedalus download the whole blockchain.
If you look at cardanoroadmap.com a light client mode feature is planned, but as it’s still in “early development”, I guess it will not be released before months.

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I see. I just want to move my ADA tokens out of binance to local wallet. what is best way to create a local wallet then?

how big is the block chain right now?

Unfortunately as far as I know there is no other local wallet for now.

I think the block chain is around 700MB, but the data usage when downloading it might be more than that.

how much will be data usage? I can afford 700 mb - 1.5 gb though

I don’t know, I have no way to know how much it downloaded, it’s very slow but don’t seem to download much.
I think your should just try it, let it download 5 or 10%, then just check your data usage.

It’s approximately 2 GB.

thanks for info. I think I can afford 2 gb

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