Daedalus dowloading the whole blockchain?

I recentlry ibstalled Daedalus and it is “Sycing Blocks” for hours, is it dowloading the whole blockchain?

By the way the download service was quite problematic to use from Brasil, stopping several times with download errors.

Maybe a better network structure with distributed frontier servers might help.

As a concept the Cardano-ADA seems to be excellent, Let’s Hope it reaches the expectativas in time and on the cost Planner…

Yep, the size of the data file as of 12.12.17 was around:

2.6G	data/

Definitely will.

Does anyone know where the chain data is stored in WINDOWS?

I can not see it in C:\programdata or under C;\program files\daedalus\


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I’m not in front of a PC but if I remember…

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Most excellent! : )
I would have spent hours figuring this out.
Oh, the places software squirrels hide things!

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hi aochiai
im from brazil too, i dont think the problem is the location, I just fixed mine.
many users experienced the same issue but for different reasons.

try the support button here https://daedaluswallet.io/faq/#support

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Hi, how are you able to buy ADA from Brazil? I am asking because I had a Brazilian email address and got rejected with it a while ago. Thank you!

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who’s rejecting it? :stuck_out_tongue: try gmail :stuck_out_tongue:
you can buy on bittrex or binance, i prefer bittrex


Abri a conta no Bittrex, mandava meu RG e eles rejeitaram, mandei meu passaporte aí deu certo…

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Any ADA wallet will need to do so?

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Download the whole blockchain, no, not in the future, as Daedalus is planning on value holders having to only go back in time to when they obtained their ADA.

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