Daedalus Block-chain Sync Query

What I know is Daedalus is full node which will download the complete block-chain to your local PC. I have one question in mind for long time about how synchronizing full block-chain will be managed one the chain size is in Terabytes instead of gigabytes. Our PCs will not have sufficient space for it. Anyone knows the answer please?

Any team members who could help to understand how this problem will be resolved?. I am trying learn as I admire Cardano for how it is getting build as the best blockchain ever. It would be great if someone could help.

I am also thinking, will Sharding help? but i didn’t see any articles on Sharding yet.

My take: terabytes is a long way off, light wallets are available. Not a great answer I know but it suits me… :grinning:

Yes at some point in the far future we may see a blockchain size > 1TB and Cardano has a path to handle that. It all falls under the term “scalablility” (although many only understand it to mean higher TPS, its also important to look at bandwidth, diskspace, what to actually store on-chain and processing power amongst other things)

This should give you a great idea about the problems and solutions: https://youtu.be/D_QLfnucgh0?t=1322&ref=adatainment (I think this is a good timestamp but I would recommend to watch the whole video if you are interested)


Thank you the reply. Focus is on Shelly, Goguen and Voltaire. Also, as per my understanding, Hydra may not be part of current IOHK delivery. (pls correct me if I am wrong)

If not Hydra, It would be interesting to know what is in scope for BASHO this time…