Daedelus not connecting after 4.5.0 upgrade

As Usual daedelus refuses to connect to the blockchain after upgrading a version. i’m getting tired of manually needing to hack the topology.yaml file again to add nodes that are close to me in europe.

This Round robin DNS with
Simply doesn’t work.

So please if there are IOHK devs here, put this on the top list of improvements for this product.
If at this moment i would like to transfer to exchanges , my coins are simply blocked.

Yes you can switch to yoroi, but i don’t like browser based wallets.

Does anyone have a full working script to deploy on my pc to fix this node topology.yaml problem? i find these things in this forum from the past. But it’s not a package that works that i can download. i’m not a programmer, that is experienced in writing python scripts.

And if this method works, Can’t we integrate it for ALL future upgrades , please?