Can’t connect to network since new update??? anyone else have this problem? god dammit.

All good…if you’ve not synchronised for a while it may take some time.

Hi there,
I had problem with updating Daedalus to latest version. I sent a ticket to IOHK support, they were fantastic and gave me many DETAILED instructions on how to fix it. It took several emails and steps.

One problem you may have is that you don’t have ADMIN function on your current login (to computer) which meant the update couldn’t work because it was blocked by your operating system.

They sent me detailed instructions on how to find this folder in SETTINGS, untick the box etc then it worked.

same problem… have you got a bit more info? what you posted here doesn’;t really help?

***FIXED: it took a couple tries by resetting the node: open daedalus > help > daedalus diagnostics > reset cardano node. then I let it sync for 10 minutes and it finally connected. I guess just be patient.

Hey guys I’m trying to update Daedalus v4.3.1 on windows but I can’t seem to get it to update. Anyone know why I can’t update it? Thanks.