New version can't connect to the network, 0.10.0 does connect to the network. How can i solve this?

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The newest Daedalus wallet ver 0.11.0 is very buggy. I was forced to move my aga to Binance! in order to access them. The new version cant connect to the network. If i install the old one 0.10.0 its ok. I connect right away. But then it wants to update and … then no connection. I have had 100 convetsations with support and the answer at the end is thank you for reaching us but … there is nothing we can do.

luvigi. Please be sure to include more information in your reply to help the community troubleshoot your issue.

I’m also having connection issues with the new version. Can you send me the link to the old version so I can access my wallet. I accidentally deleted the old version.

You will find all releases in the iohk/daedalus repository. Fyi, 1.4 will be released soon and is written completely from scratch and will be a huge improvement.

Note: I think it’s a better idea to troubleshoot your issue than installing outdated versions.

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