Update 3.3.1

just updated to new version but its not connecting to network… think everybody is loading up or something else…?must be rush hour on the cardano chain look @ my screen for 1 hrs and got pain in my head gone try it tonight i think😬

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I have the same problem. Could not connecting to network after installation update of 3.3.1 :sweat_smile:

still not conection with network why is that i dont know​:rage::rage::rage::thinking::frowning::frowning:

yeeeeeeeeee i am in its working pfffff went bit crazy mr charles hoskinson​:grin::grin:

Hello from Copenhagen Denmark;
Everything went smoothly here for me after update. Check your firewall to see if maybe something got blocked. Restart your PC/Mac and see if the issue is resolved. I don’t think “rush hour” is the issue.
When you start Daedalus, are you stuck here Daedalus

You also have the option to wait a bit until others reply to this topic.
Only then perhaps consider having your 24 keys ready. and do a clean install of the Daedalus 3.3.1 - as it does not take much time to sync. Note this is only a last effort option.