Daedulus Wallet csv function

Why has this useless function still not been fixed?
You download the csv file thinking it will give you a breakdown of all rewards and it literally shows you exactly whats on the daedulus rewards page.
Been like that for ages too.

Until this data is available in Daedalus you can use other tools to show the rewards statistics:

  • Figure out your staking key (paste one of your addresses into cardanoscan.io and copy the Controleld Stake Key)
  • Substitute STAKE_KEY with your staking key in the following URL: https://pooltool.io/address/STAKE_KEY

Pooltool will give you a listing of rewards per epoch, there’s also some csv export with different formats, choose what suits you best.


Thanks. Is it perfectly safe?

You only give them information that is public, anyway. So, yey, is perfectly safe.