Decentralised app store



Yea…I personally would only use an official wallet. I’m glad that the wallet takes time and is peer reviewed/vetted. Below is an example of what harm a wallet can do.


Good example! All these fuck-ups are a great way for Cardano to learn and build a better tech. If these guys thought about building their system methodically like Cardano, they wouldn’t have to deal with this crap.


Scams can be only avoided by education and/or experience.

Anyway, Bitcoin has several wallets, and the least used is the reference wallet. The others such as Exodus, Bread, Jaxx etc. are much more popular.


Most people keep very little on mobile wallets. I think of it like a physical wallet - I might take $50 with me to a restaurant or bar - the rest of my money is “offline”, I don’t carry it around with me.


i will be following the release to see if they can deliver on the project, because imo, it is an amazing bridge to adoption for the space.

Not sure they are bridging much tbh.

App developers (Android java app not dApp) will not have access the wallet functionality built into the phone.

You might as well get a regular android and tape a ledger nano to the back of it.


I think they are bridging a substantial hurdle to adoption. Think of it this way, without a blockchain phone and a dApp store on trusted hardware the evolution to something more bridged cannot even begin. You need a starting point and an end-point to build a bridge.

I’m not sure if i understood your comment about app developers correctly. You are saying app developers wont have acces to the wallet functionality but dApp developers will correct?

This would grow the number of dApp developers would it not? Growth is one of the precursors to adoption. Ironically the first users of new tech are usually the ones who are developing for it.

Personally, i want trusted hardware, not just for the mobile wallet, i want it because it’s more secure than what we are seeing now in the mobile space, even signal leaks metadata when sending encrypted messages.

Trusted hardware is a pivoting point for mobile security is what i’m getting at. Now, i do not now to what extent sirinlabs is going to accomplish a masterful execution of this. But that’s what i’m keen on finding out.


That’s what they say, app developers will not have access to the wallet functionality…

TBH the whole thing confuses me. To me a dApp is just a bit of software (mobile app, website, server or desktop) that makes use of a smart contract.

So when they talk about a dApp store - I have no idea what they mean by this.

The way they talk, it’s as if a dApp is something different from an app - but clearly that’s not the case, unless they mean to list smart contracts only. Some SCs work on their own, but I think many are just part of a larger piece of software, most require at least a frontend.

idk, seems strange to me.


There’s one central difference between just an app and a dApp - the latter needs an access to a blockchain account in order to perform operations on-chain. Exactly why IOHK is taking care about the built-in store as I have pointed out here: Decentralised app store, so that dApps can access wallets already opened in the Daedalus thru API, without asking users to expose their private keys more. I might assume that SIRIN would want to implement something similar, where you have something akin MetaMask API built-into the system, so app-developers can try to access existing wallets of different supported cryptocurrencies, without additionally asking the user for keys.


I might assume that SIRIN would want to implement something similar, where you have something akin MetaMask API built-into the system, so app-developers can try to access existing wallets

That’s what I thought, but from speaking to them, this won’t be possible for quite some time.

They will at some point in the future develop an SDK for this, but it’s not something that will be there at release or later.

So I don’t know what they mean when they say dApp store. Because they won’t let you make an app that can talk to the wallet.


You can see my conversation with Sirin Labs – attached. I have no idea what they mean by a dApp, because according to them it’s not a regular app that does blockchain stuff - because you won’t be able to do that. If anyone knows anymore on what is going to be in their “dApp store” - let me know.


From this conversation - I am not sure they do either, actually. I would really want to ask them to define a “DApp” they are talking about. But really really seems like they are thinking about just smart-contracts which would be super-weird =\


I guess it might be just a good sounding term they they wanted in their paper, since anyone would think that a phone with a built-in cryptocurrency support would possibly provide a “dApp-store”, so they added it, but they didn’t have time yet to think it thru properly. That would be my guess.

So first version FINNEY is just an “extra-secure” multi-currency light-client wallet in a phone. Ok.


Sure looks like it.