Decentralization question

I just wonder how ada can be decentralazed if someone will decide to buy billions of ada to 1 or several wallets? would be interesting to see ada allocation accros wallets like btc

What will hapen when stake pools will reach 31bil in total?

First of all he must be really rich, even with very low prices. Second: Where does he/she buy all the ADA from? The exchange prices would just skyrocket because there is not enough supply.

There are tools but I don’t have a link at hand.

Nothing at all. Except that everyone gets less rewards because the total stake is higher.

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Here you go, I think these are up to date yet generally speaking they mean very little imo cause 1 person could be owner of thousands of wallets even if it is unlikely the case.

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This gut won’t get my ADAs easily - and if so he would have to pay me so much that he won’t be able to buy also the rest… :joy: :wink:

thank you, very useful tool, I think it will change over time

Also where I can see how many ADA was paid out in rewards?

These two sites will give you a general idea of what will be paid out in rewards on the Incentivized Testnet and to whom the payout will go to.