Decentralized Private Content Storage and Accessing

What would be the best way to store Private Video on chain, completely and only NFT holders should be able to access it Like the video can be encrypted and stored on IPFS or STORG. Only the NFT holder should be able to decrypt and stream the video How can we give access of decryption key to the NFT holder? Here the problem is private encrypted content storage on decentralized infrastructure And decryption key access to the NFT holder

Basically, you cannot.

You could store the file on IPFS encrypted. And you could somehow send the key to the current holder of the NFT asymmetrically encrypted (although I’m not aware of an already standardised way to do it). But that won’t travel with the NFT. Each new holder of the NFT would have to do that process again and each former holder will keep their access.

You could build a pretty much centralised service to watch the video (like all supposedly decentralised thingies – “metaverse” games, … – are pretty much centralised right now). There, a user would connect with the account holding the NFT via a wallet app that has a dApp connector.

Observe that anybody could write a fake wallet app just pretending to hold the wallet that holds the NFT. So, you’d need them to either do a transaction on every login (very expensive) or to sign a message with the key of the address holding the NFT. Observe further that message signing is not implemented for Ledger hardware wallets right now.


The last word. Do you mean STORJ?

Yes, that’s right