Delegation Analysis for Epoch 215

Epoch 215 network parameters:

k d Total stake Registered pools
150 0.740 13.86B ₳ 1125

The stake snapshot for epoch 215 occurred on 8/28/2020. The total staked ADA increased by 1.7% since the last epoch, up to 43.7%. For the first time, the number of registered stake pools has stayed nearly the same; there are only 2 more registered pools than there were in epoch 214. The minimum stake required in order to expect to make a block decreased slightly to 2.47M ₳, leaving 67% of pools below this threshold. 4% more pools can expect to make a block than last epoch.

For more information about the concepts and math behind this and past analyses (e.g. the meaning of k and d), as well as the full table that this chart was generated from, see our full post here.

756 / 1125 pools fall into the 0-slot bin

This figure omits the 0-slot pools

Please also see our recent post showing how fees are taken out of stake pool block rewards here.

Good luck to all the small stake pools out there - here’s to hoping lady luck will visit us sometime

Quite good article, just some addition.

The slot- and height battles are handled by the same consensus rules.

Every node has as many ChainSync instances as many connection they have (so just assume 20) and each of the nodes individually select the chain based on the consensus rules of the chain selection.

In slot battle (assuming different nodes /w different VRF keys) the smaller VRF output is the winner.
In height battle, chains differ as the slot nr. is different, but chain length is the same, assuming that the latest leader does not now anything about the previous leader. So, in this case the same consensus rule the chain /w smaller VRF output in the header is the winner.

Meanwhile, me with my pool…