Developer tools, resources, SDKs for Developers & SPOs building on Cardano

In this podcast episode, I investigated a few tools and resources for anyone that was wanting to start building something on Cardano.

If you’re a web developer and you’re used to building websites with APIs, this is a good episode for you.

The tools that I cover include:

  • BlockFrost
  • Loadster
  • BlockFrost SDKs
  • TangoCrypto
  • Heidrum
  • SundaeSwap Toolkit for Cardano
  • Guild Operators Tools
  • PoolPerks[.]io

You don’t need any smart contract knowledge to use any of these tools and it will get you to a point where you can build some interesting interactions, platforms and tools for Cardano.

Show notes and additional resources at:

Audio only version:

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