Digest January 8, 2024: Decentralized Data Storage on Cardano, Cardano Builder Fest Confirmed, Rosen Bridge Live Between Ergo and Cardano

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Happy New Year

The Cardano Foundation extends heartfelt New Year wishes to the entire Cardano Community. We eagerly anticipate another successful year as we continue to work alongside you in furthering the development of Cardano.

The First Decentralized Data Storage Now Live on Cardano Mainnet - IAGON

On December 24th, 2023, IAGON successfully launched its highly anticipated decentralized shared storage platform on the Cardano mainnet. This event, leveraging the Cardano blockchain, marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing data processing and storage solutions across various industries. Read more

The First Ever Cardano Builder Fest Confirmed

Recently, the Cardano Builder Fest has been announced – a 2-day event designed for tech-savvy Cardano builders to connect, showcase, and share their amazing works. The event will place a large focus on demos, open source, project presentations, and live coding.

If you are a developer who enjoys writing code, wants to learn or share coding techniques, discuss the latest smart-contract development trends, or prefer fiddling with infrastructure, or are designing user interfaces for DApps, this event is for you.

The fest is scheduled to be held in Toulouse, France, on the 23rd and 24th of April 2024. Read More

The Rosen Bridge is now live between the Ergo and Cardano blockchains

Recently, the Rosen Bridge team announced that the Bridge is now live between the Ergo and Cardano blockchain. This long-awaited implementation stands as a groundbreaking achievement on the Ergo platform, enabling users to now send and receive ada and supported native tokens between Cardano and Ergo.

What sets the Rosen Bridge apart is its unique approach – it doesn’t require deploying smart contracts on the destination chain. Instead, all consensus actions are executed on the Ergo blockchain, reducing security concerns associated with other blockchains. Read More

Other Cardano Related News

  • dcSpark announced a huge update to their JS/Rust SDK, now with No more memory leaks, New native Rust interface (no longer just WASM!) and Conway era support
  • The announcement of the Cardano Foundation’s partnership with Petrobras has garnered coverage in several outlets, including CoinTelegraph, Cryptopolitan, BSC News, CryptoPanic, BanklessTimes and Cardano Feed. As part of the partnership, the Cardano Foundation will deliver blockchain education for Petrobras employees.
  • Intersect has announced that the core Cardano codebases will be transferred to its stewardship. Intersect will oversee the administration of core Cardano infrastructure such as the node repositories, empowering distributed development and forming a key part of Cardano’s ongoing Voltaire era.
  • It Is Smart To Use Plutus V2 Applications. Source
  • CNCLI v6.0.0 has been released. This version supports the latest 8.7.3 node versions
  • Genius Yield successfully launched their order book Dex on Cardano. Source

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Spotlight for Community-Built Tools

The Developer Portal serves as a central hub for developers committed to building tools and services on Cardano. This platform empowers developers to collaborate on projects and proudly showcase their innovative works.

With a vision to evolve into a reliable resource, the Developer Portal aims to be the go-to destination where users can discover tools tailored to their specific requirements.

Moreover, community projects currently active on the mainnet are warmly encouraged to integrate their initiatives into the Developer Portal.

Recently added:

  • Liqwid: Liqwid is a non-custodial pooled lending protocol with liquid staking built on Cardano.
  • GeroWallet: Start exploring the possibilities of Cardano. Purchase, send, and receive ADA - the cryptocurrency for Cardano. Available as a browser extension.

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I object to Iagon advertising itself as “decentralised” since this is misleading and deceptive. Iagon is not decentralised. Decentralisation requires the absence of middle men. Middle men who can selectively permission users or alter access costs.

Iagon has middle men. These middle men are it’s coders that have privileged access to the closed source code. Other middle men are the Iagon patent holders who can selectively choose to enforce it’s patents against any competitors seeking to re-implement it’s APIs. How can you be certain about how your data is stored, the integrity of it, or the accessibility of it, if you can’t see the source code? How can you be certain that your data will be available when you need it, if you are unable to use a competing implementation of the APIs should Iagon choose to enforce it’s patents?

Iagon is a Trojan horse. Iagon seeks to embed itself as a critical piece of Cardano middle-ware. It seeks to encourage other DApp creators to become dependent upon it’s middle-ware file storage service. DApps on Cardano use immutable smart contracts, so once implemented, the file storage backends these DApps depend upon will be much harder to change.

I hope that most DApp developers on Cardano are smart enough to see through this strategy and recognise that Iagon is trying to replay the BigTech playbook of the Web 2 era. Moreover that such a Web 2 strategy will provide the middle men with enhanced power and control when their APIs are embedded in immutable smart contracts.

I don’t care if calling out Iagon’s deceptive use of the word “decentralised” affects the valuation of my Ada. I came to Cardano to get away from the Web 2 world where large corporations control my access to my data.


  • I hold only Ada. I don’t hold any other tokens on Cardano (apart from a 2022 Cardano Summit NFT) or any other blockchain.
  • I have no position in Iagon (short or long or any combination).
  • I donate to the Free Software Foundation.