Digest May 13, 2024: Catalyst Proposals Submission Phase Ended. What’s Next?, Cardano Foundation Strategic Partnership With Dubai Blockchain Center, Developer Blog Series: Genius Yield

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Catalyst Proposals Submission Phase Ended. What’s Next?

The deadline for submitting Project Catalyst Proposals for F12 closed today 13 May 2024. In total, over 1200 proposals were submitted across various categories, ranging from Cardano Use Cases to Cardano Open to Cardano Partners. source

For the Cardano Use Cases and Cardano Open categories, applicants have the following three days, until 16 May 2024, to adjust their proposals based on community feedback. This is followed by the Community Review phase, which will run until 6 June 2024.

Submitters of proposals within the Cardano Partners category have until June 6 to submit their proposals. For more information about Fund12 and its associated deadlines, read here.

Cardano Foundation Announces Strategic Partnership With Dubai Blockchain Center

The Cardano Foundation and Dubai Blockchain Center are partnering to launch a certification program with specialized training seminars on Cardano’s blockchain technology.

This initiative aims to educate individuals and organizations on advanced features and enterprise applications, leveraging materials from the Cardano Foundation and Cardano Academy. The collaboration seeks to enhance blockchain knowledge and adoption across the MENA region, contributing to Dubai’s growing reputation as a blockchain hub. To read the full blog, read here.

Developer Blog Series: Genius Yield

In the most recent Developer Blog, we take a look at Genius Yield. In this exclusive interview, CTO and co-founder Dr. Lars Brünjes discusses its Cardano-based DEX project, which focuses on transparency and community.

They chose Cardano for its research-driven approach and decentralized philosophy. Genius Yield’s order book DEX leverages the eUTxO model for efficiency. Security is ensured through audits and open-sourcing of key components like Market Maker Bots. The project includes a Fee Sharing Program and exciting future developments like Smart Swaps and AI-Powered Smart Liquidity Vaults. For a deeper understanding of Genius Yield, we recommend reading the full interview here.

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  • Early bird tickets for Cardano Summit 2024 in Dubai are still available, and you can finally pay with Ada and other crypto assets.! Source

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