Cardano Community Digest - 12 June 2023

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Focal points of the week

Cardano Summit 2023 Call for Speakers & Hotel Accommodation At a Favourable Rate

Each year leaders, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts join the Cardano Summit to discuss and explore the industry’s latest advancements. With its lively atmosphere, the summit provides the perfect stage to showcase groundbreaking projects and offers the Cardano community an exceptional opportunity to interact with a wide audience and establish deep relationships.

As we prepare for the Summit 2023, we would like to extend a warm invitation to all projects, experts, and thought leaders to share their ideas on the main topics of the summit: operational resilience, education, adoption, and impact. This is an amazing chance to be part of an extraordinary gathering that shapes the future of Cardano.

Additionally, as a member of the Cardano community, we would like to offer you a discounted rate for your hotel stay in Dubai. The hotels that are in close proximity to the main venue and with whom the Cardano Foundation has negotiated favorable rates can be found here.

Act swiftly, as both Speaker submissions and hotel reservations will close on the 14th of June, 2023.

Announcing Project Catalyst Fund 10 with an Impressive 50M ADA Allocation

The highly anticipated and long-awaited Project Catalyst Fund 10 has recently been announced and is expected to launch 21st of June, 2023.

Though still considered a series of experiments that seeks to generate the highest levels of community innovation, Catalyst has been a driving force behind many innovative projects within the Cardano Ecosystem, such as the Ledger Live integration or Minswap. Over 1255 ideas have received funding from Cardano’s decentralized innovation fund.

And now, with the announcement of a new funding round, many prominent projects have already confirmed that they will be applying for funding to continue developing on Cardano. For more information see the announcement tweet from Danial Ribar

Announcing Cohort 2 of the Blockchain Education Alpha Program

Message from Cardano Academy Director, Nadia Mannell.

We’ve got an exciting update for you!

The first cohort of our Blockchain Education Alpha Program was a success and we are happy to invite you to participate in the second cohort.

Cohort 2 will be launched on the 13th of June, it will run until the 30th of July, and we welcome the participation and input from our community members so that we can further shape the Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate Course (CBCA) which is scheduled for release at the end of the year.

The Alpha Program is the first 5.4 Units of 17 Units that make up the full CBCA course and consists of 3 hours of video content, mini-exam questions, a participant questionnaire, and a final survey which I personally look out for.

Register here:

CIP-1694 Global Community Workshops

The discussion around CIP-1694 has been a hot topic of late. As we march towards the age of Voltaire, understanding how CIP-1694 affects the overarching Cardano blockchain is becoming increasingly important as time passes. As some of you may know, a number of exciting workshops to help usher in greater understanding of CIP-1694 have already begun taking place around the globe, with the goal to provide the tools and education to community members so that they too may share their knowledge with their local communities and so on.

We’ve already had some amazing community-led workshops around the globe in locations such as Argentina and Vietnam, Johannesburg, in addition to Zug, which was co-hosted by IOG, EMURGO and the Cardano Foundation.

Most recently, two more successful CIP-1694 workshops were also hosted in Japan in the cities of Fukuoka and Kyoto, with the main workshop set to take place on the 16th in Tokyo, hosted by EMURGO. We’d like to thank long-standing Cadano Ambassador Yuta as well as everyone else who attended the events thus and made them possible and sincerely thank you all for your continued support.

*Be sure to refresh yourself with the list of the full global CIP-1694 event lineup here.

Other Cardano Related News

  • Video recap of the recent London masterclass and meetup that brought together the traditional finance industry and blockchain experts to discuss the advantages of decentralized technologies for financial markets.
  • Both Fortune and Coindesk have published statements made by Frederik Gregaard regarding the recent SEC filings against Coinbase and Binance.
  • Cardano Over Coffee hosts a twitter space with GOAT Tribe, Hosky, Alex Maaza from the Cardano Foundation, and Ruxanda Cornescu from Switzerland for UNHCR.
  • Clay Nation becomes first Cardano project to integrate with The Sandbox Metaverse
  • Cardano has surpassed Bitcoin’s TVL. Source
  • Atomic wallet has been compromised
  • PSA: Atomic wallet phrases can be imported to other Cardano wallets supporting 12 word seeds (ETERNL, Typhon, Gero, Flint). Potential recovery solution to compromised Atomic Wallets.
  • CIP-1694 in a Nutshell made by IOG in collaboration with ABLE pool
  • Rick’s summary of IOG’s SPO call.
  • IOG response to the recent SEC filings: “Under no circumstances is ADA a security under U.S. securities laws. It never has been.”
  • Here’s a new Decentralized Identity article from IOG.
  • What is a dRep? This video is for you. There will be additional categories of default dReps that vote abstain or no confidence on every vote.
  • Some new reported details on Voltaire CIP-1694 dReps.

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Recently held Meetups

Other meetups around the world:

  • 3 May 2023| Pacific Town Hall - May 3, 2023. More Info
  • 6 May 2023| Biggest Cardano Meetup in Taiwan - Ghost chain is not ghosting, We are on Cardano! More Info
  • 12 May 2023| Empowering the Cardano Community in Africa: A Summary of the 12th May Catalyst Africa Town Hall. More Info
  • 17 May 2023| Pacific Town Hall - May 17, 2023 More Info
  • 25 May 2023| All the activities of the European Cardano Community in MAY. More Info
  • 22 May 2023| CIP - 1694 Buenos Aires. More Info|
  • 26 May 2023| DRMZteam Cardano Meetups - Road to NFTxLV! w/ Adam Dean. More Info
  • 26 May 2023| Empowering the Cardano Community in Africa: A Summary of the 26th May Catalyst Africa Town Hall. More Info
  • 27 May 2023| Our Latest Cardano Meetup in Ghana. More Info
  • 28 May 2023| Cardano MENA Community Digest #1 More Info
  • 31 May 2023| Pacific Town Hall - May 31, 2023. More Info

Recently held Ambassador Calls

  • 10 May 2023 Open Moderator Call
  • 15 May 2023 Open Translator Call
  • 17 May 2023 Monthly Ambassador Call
  • 5 June 2023 Open Translator Call
  • 7 June 2023 Open Meetup Organizer Call
  • 7 June 2023 Open Content Creator Call

Bi-weekly CIP editor Meeting on Discord

Are you interested in attending CIP editor meetings? Join the Discord channel to learn more about this interesting community where ideas and recommended changes are all discussed.

What happened in CIPs last week? (by @RyanW)

  • No new CIPs…

Continued Recommendations:

Next Meeting:

  • CIP Editors Meeting #67:
    • June 6th 4:30pm UTC (Today!)
    • Held on Discord - here.
    • Agenda.

Weekly CIP updates can be followed here.

Cardano Wiki

The Extensive Guide on EUTxO, UTxO and The Accounts-based Model

How UTxO is superior to the account-based model and the difference that EUTxO brings to Cardano.

Let’s start with Ethereum.

The accounts-based model is the simplest model for how transactions and wallets work and interact with each other. The entire financial system works in this way, from banks to brokerage accounts.

The underlying principle is that there are typically address-defined accounts that contain a value, be it Ethereum, USD or the number of shares. Each address can receive and send whatever value it holds to another address.

Every time value is sent from one address to another; the system state is updated.

We won’t go too in-depth here as the concept is straightforward. Look here to read more.

UTxO based model

Unannounced to most people, bitcoin was the first implementation of the UTxO model. However, this model is more complex and thus easier to explain blockchain to beginners using the accounts-based system.

The basics are:

Transactions consume unspent outputs, which produce more outputs that can then be used as inputs.

Wallets for these blockchains manage the UTxOs owned by the user. Every core node on the blockchain records the currently unspent outputs, aka the UTxO set.

When an output is used in a transaction, it becomes spent and cannot be used again.

Lets Deep Dive

Say we have two people, Alice and Bob

Unspent transactions are as follows:

  • Alice — 100 ADA
  • Bob — 50 ADA

Let’s take a simple transaction. Alice sends bob 10 ADA.

To do this, Alice cannot split her one unspent transaction up, as the unspent transaction cannot be split and must be used wholly or not at all.

The transaction looks like this:

Notice how Alice “split up” the transaction by using her 90, sending 10 to Bob and then sending herself the rest back.

Unspent transactions are as follows:

  • Alice — 90 ADA
  • Bob — 50 ADA
  • Bob — 10 ADA

Let’s look at a more complex transaction. Bob and Alice both want to send Charlie 55 ADA each.

The transaction looks like this:

See that Bob must use both of his unspent transactions as only both of them together are large enough to cover the amount being sent.

How Does EUTxO Differ?

EUTxO stands for Extended unspent transaction output and was developed for use in Cardano.

The difference between UTxO and EUTxO is what allows the transaction to be spent. A UTxO is valid to be spent if it is signed with the private key associated with its account.

In the UTxO model, to spend a transaction, there is only one condition: the appropriate private key signature is used to sign the transaction.

In EUTxO, there are more general addresses that are not based on the hashes of public keys but on arbitrary logic which define under which conditions a EUTxO can be spent, i.e. smart contracts.

Instead of a signature, the transaction will justify the unspent transaction can be spent by something called the redeemer, which is an arbitrary piece of data.

Each EUTxO in Cardano has two data values, the ADA amount and a datum, which is an arbitrary piece of data. Therefore, the consuming transaction must provide the redeemer, the dataum and the script itself.

EUTxO vs. The Accounts-based Model

In UTxO, like bitcoin, the script can only see the redeemer, i.e. the input, which makes the contracts more secure and testable; however, it limits the ability for smart contracts.

In this case, bitcoin technically does have contracts, but they are commonly referred to as “dumb contracts” due to their limitations…

For the full article, visit source:

Spotlight for Community-built Tools

The Developer Portal was created to foster a home for developers who are dedicated to building tools and services on Cardano. The platform allows developers to not only collaborate on projects but also to showcase their works.

The Developer Portal aspires to become a credible source where users can search for tools to fit their needs.

Community projects already running on mainnet are encouraged to add their projects to the Developer Portal.

  • is a Web3 application that aspires to serve many purposes within the world of Cardano NFTs.
  • Aada is a peer-to-peer lending and borrowing protocol on the Cardano blockchain.
  • Continuity Token: $COTO provides secure, global and long-lasting cold storage backups of Cardano NFT media.

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