CIP-1694 Community Workshops - The Lineup

Original Source: CIP-1694 Community Workshops - The Line Up | Essential Cardano by @Jack_Briggs


On May 11, the CIP-1694 workshop locations were announced. The call for applications was met with an enthusiastic response, garnering nearly 100 high-quality submissions from across the globe. North America, LATAM, and Africa were well-represented, accounting for over 80% of the total applications.

Scheduled from May to July, these workshops will delve into the latest developments proposed in CIP-1694. The in-person and virtual sessions will allow attendees to engage in rich discussions, addressing technical aspects such as governance action deposits, incentive structures for DReps, and voting thresholds. The goal is to integrate feedback from these global conversations into the consensus-building process of CIP-1694.

The workshops will be held in over 20 locations worldwide, hosted by diverse community leaders. The successful applicants are:

Note: hosts’ names are their Discord handles

  • jamesdunseith#3315 hosting in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
  • NeoCornelius#2319 hosting in Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Nori#9846 hosting in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • TheRealAdamDean#3458, bayareaeagle#3314, and Rod.G#1645 hosting in Monterey, California, USA
  • lley154#5195 hosting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Darlington Kofa [lidonation]#0849 hosting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • ALEXP7#9292 hosting in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • jmdegamboa#6368, Juanita#8262, DanielVanCast#0938, Jaime Andres | [LATIN] | Support#5619 hosting in Bogotá, Colombia
  • donovan#2646 hosting in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Otávio - hosting in SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil
  • Krypto Labs#0504, and ANP#2862 hosting in Borre, Norway
  • nebast#9398 hosting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • wims#5274 and Nana Safo#6233 hosting in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Oscar west#6547 hosting in Seoul, South Korea
  • Yuta#6370 hosting in Kyoto, Japan
  • willhuang#9734 and EricTsai#8963 hosting in Taipei, Taiwan
  • quantumplation#3141 hosting in Williamsburg, NY, USA
  • MauAndreo#5309 hosting in La Plata, Argentina
  • NOODZ#9108 hosting in Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Ubiodee#9502 hosting in Lagos, Nigeria

To RSVP for an event near you, contact the event organizers directly via Discord.

To provide a clearer understanding of the worldwide scope of this event, an interactive map is available, displaying the locations of the workshops and contact information for participation.

In addition to these community-led events, the Cardano Foundation, EMURGO, and IOG will co-host three workshops in Zug, Tokyo, and Edinburgh. These events, scheduled for June and July, will amplify the global community conversations and round off the feedback cycle for the CIP-1694 design implementation.

This series of global workshops underscores Cardano’s commitment to community-led governance. By empowering worldwide discussions, the Cardano community is set to shape the future of on-chain governance and make CIP-1694 a groundbreaking model in the blockchain sector.

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