CIP-1694 Workshop in Edinburgh

Cardano community within reach of a decentralized governance framework after global workshops engage over 1,000 members

Celebrating the success of the global Cardano workshops and the headway achieved through global collaboration and community feedback on CIP-1694

EDINBURGH – This week in Edinburgh, the Cardano community concluded a series of workshops across the globe to refine and iterate on the “CIP-1694” proposal for minimum viable governance. The Cardano Improvement Proposal “CIP-1694” creates a framework for the age of Voltaire, the last phase of the initial roadmap which advances governance for the Cardano ecosystem. The IOG hosted workshop in Edinburgh was a remarkable conclusion to a global movement of ideation and collaboration. The massive amount of community participation and meaningful exchanges that took place in Edinburgh resulted in consensus on key areas that will help finalize CIP-1694 and usher in a new age of decentralization on Cardano.

Over the last six months, the Cardano community hosted over 50 workshops across 24 countries, engaging over 1,000 individuals and entities to achieve widespread feedback and consensus on CIP-1694.

Workshops have always played an important part in building the Cardano ecosystem, ensuring that the community’s breadth of talented and diverse stakeholders have the opportunity to shape Cardano’s future. The workshops gave a broad universe of ada holders the opportunity to learn, network, and collaborate with one another – a demonstration of deep, broad-based governance in action and Cardano’s commitment to democratic consent.

As the community celebrates the successful completion of the community workshops, the on-going conversations for minimum viable governance will continue within Intersect — the member-based organization for the Cardano ecosystem tasked with ensuring its continuity and future development. The community feedback collected during the workshop period will be incorporated into an updated version of CIP-1694, followed by voting events to ratify the framework, significantly enhancing the means for exercising decision-making powers over the Cardano protocol, its future development, and the ecosystem’s resources. Once finalized and with the community’s endorsement of CIP-1694, Cardano will achieve the collective goal of unprecedented decentralized governance and will continue to advance – an inclusive and decentralized blockchain network governed by its community.


Don’t everyone reply at once…

Here’s a nifty haiku:


Charles Hoskinson says,
"CIP-1694, or
we'll show you the door!"

Satire aside, CIP-1694 seems very important for Cardano. Hopefully, the robust dialog does not end with the workshops this year. For example: