Announcing the CIP-1694 Workshop in Zug


Secure your spot by registering now via this link: CIP-1694 Zug Workshop Application Form

Cardano moves to on-chain governance

As Cardano progresses into the Voltaire era, it marks a new chapter in the platform’s development, bringing forth the final components required for a self-sustaining network.

Central to Voltaire is CIP-1694, a Cardano Improvement Proposal focused on establishing a minimal-viable-governance model on-chain. It aims to have all ada holders discussing and directing the various aspects of the model, thereby enhancing Cardano’s decentralization and democratizing its governance processes. CIP-1694 has been designed and co-created in collaboration with the Cardano community.

To foster community engagement and dialogue, EMURGO, Input Output Global (IOG), and the Cardano Foundation are organizing and hosting three in-person workshops, respectively in Tokyo (Japan), Edinburgh (Scotland), and Zug (Switzerland).

Encouraging Community Feedback and CIP-1694 Ratification

The Zug workshop intends to capture feedback and input from the Cardano community on CIP-1694, as well as promote the proposal’s ratification, plus encourage engagement and collaboration among attendees in an informal, cooperative setting.

To achieve this objective, the Cardano Foundation seeks diverse representation from the Cardano community, including educators, developers, stake pool operators (SPOs), and academics. Topics of discussion will encompass enhancing community participation, DReps, voting thresholds, community tooling, and more.

Representatives from the Cardano Foundation, namely Nicolas Cerny, Matthias Benkort, and Alexandre Maaza, will host the event. Andre Knispel and Sheldon Hunt from IOG, together with Nate Acton from EMURGO will also attend the workshop.

Zug CIP-1694 Workshop


  • Date: 3 June 2023
  • Time: 9:30 - 18:00 (local time)
  • Venue: CV Labs Zug, Dammstrasse 16, 6300 Zug, Switzerland | Liquid Lounge (4th Floor)
  • Venue Link: CVLabs
  • Location Address: Google Maps
  • Expected Attendees: builders, SPOs, holders, and enterprise representatives
  • Audience Size: limited to 40 attendees

Secure your spot by registering now via this link: CIP-1694 Zug Workshop Application Form

Do you wish to actively engage in the Zug workshop and partake in discussions shaping Cardano’s future in decentralized governance?

We invite you to register promptly to partake in this distinctive gathering. Please note, however, that a registration does not necessarily secure a seat due to the limited capacity, as the number of attendees is restricted to 40 individuals.

Stay informed on recent Cardano developments, updates on CIP-1694, and the advent of the Voltaire era by following the Cardano Foundation’s official Twitter account. Additionally, we will be sharing the outcomes of the Zug workshop right here in the forum, ensuring the community is always in the loop.