Recap of CIP-1694 Community Workshop Announcement

Original Source: CIP-1694 Community Workshops | Essential Cardano by @Jack_Briggs


On April 18, 2023, the CIP-1694 Community Workshops initiative was announced. Cardano’s CIP-1694 marks the first iteration of its on-chain governance system. Ensuring the broad consensus of this system is crucial as the platform looks toward the future. To achieve this, the community has been encouraged to conduct its own governance discussions and events. The recent Cardano governance workshop held in Colorado in March and an online recap event provided examples of successful collaboration. These workshops, led by crucial community contributors and thought leaders, engaged various participants and gathered valuable insights to refine the proposed governance system.

To continue these conversations, a grant program is being introduced to support community workshops in May, June, and July 2023. Two major workshops will be held in Tokyo, Japan, and Edinburgh, Scotland, co-hosted by EMURGO and IOG. The Edinburgh event in July will conclude the year’s workshops and finalize the feedback loop on CIP-1694 design. Dates for each co-hosted event will be announced in early May.

Global community leaders and groups are invited to organize their own workshops, with financial support available. These community-led events should welcome all who want to participate and contribute to Cardano’s governance system. Interested parties are encouraged to submit applications that cover the following aspects:

  1. Events can be held virtually and in person, with varying degrees of support available depending on location and expected participation.
  2. Events must be accessible and inclusive, with in-person events catering to the local community.
  3. Applicants should demonstrate capability, capacity, and previous experience in organizing local events, including building an event team, sourcing a suitable venue, arranging local vendors for food and drinks, and promoting the event.
  4. A solid technical understanding of CIP-1694 is preferred for effective event facilitation.
  5. Previous experience running a Cardano community group or hosting related events is advantageous.

Financial support for community-led hosts includes $500 per virtual event and up to $5,000 per in-person event. Funds are intended to cover expenses such as event setup, venue and infrastructure, refreshments, administration, merchandise, and promotional activities. Workshop materials like Miro templates, briefing documents, and suggested agendas will also be provided.

Each workshop is expected to produce a summary of outputs in an agreed format, which will be collated into larger themes and topics for further discussion or consideration. Hosts will also run a post-workshop survey and have the opportunity to nominate a representative to present their workshop’s output at the final event in Edinburgh.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Application form: Community leaders and groups must apply for their events by May 1, 2023.
  2. Event review and location: Applications will be reviewed, and locations and virtual events covering the broadest spectrum of the Cardano ecosystem will be selected.
  3. Final confirmation: All applicants and the wider community will receive communication by May 5, 2023 regarding confirmed events and participation details.
  4. Debriefing call: During the week of May 8, two debriefing calls will be hosted for confirmed hosts and their teams, with further support available during office hours.

Apply here if you want to host a community-led event. Applications are open from April 18 until May 1, 2023, at 23:00 UTC.


Thank you for posting the Announcement here as well.

I’ve seen it posted on the essential Cardano site and the Emurgo site so are the applications and forms going to IOG and Emurgo for review, approval, and funding? It’s a bit unclear to me where the funds are coming from and who will be approving the applications for the community events.

The events in Tokyo and Edinburgh are going to be amazing for sure and if IOG and EMURGO are the co-hosts, is the Foundation the host?
Who is providing the funding for these two events?
Will these events be invite only similar to the one in Colorado or are they open for community members to attend?

Will this include the locations and travel information?

Will this include details regarding the unconfirmed events and/or reason for not being approved?

Approval seems to be contingent on the event covering “the broadest spectrum” of the Cardano ecosystem, possibly removing or reducing the likelihood of funding for an event that is focused on one aspect of the CIP, such as one of the governance actions, or perhaps, items that are out of scope for the CIP, such as Ada Holdings and Delegation, the possibility of a Constitution being drafted in direct opposition to CIP1694, or an event that demonstrates how CIP1694 is attempting to implement Voltaire based off the design of Project Catalyst rather than the results from Project Catalyst.

I am curious if other community leaders feel like two weeks was enough time to plan and organize the required information for in-person workshops. It feels like it may have been too short of a window.

Other than the source of the funding for the community events and the questions around planning and announcements, the application states that events be under 50 people and that it is not permitted to charge for attendance, per current guidelines. Where can we find a reference to these guidelines?

Thanks again @Lovecoach. I don’t know if you have the answers to these questions but I’m sure someone can help us find out.

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I found this part:

The outputs

Each workshop will produce a summary of outputs in the agreed format that will be collated into larger themes and topics that may warrant further discussion or consideration. Each host will be expected to run a post-workshop survey.

Additionally, each host will have the opportunity to nominate a representative to deliver their workshops’ output at the final event in Edinburgh (travel costs will be covered).