Cardano MENA CIP1694 Workshops

During the conversation, Amir and Mohammad discuss the upcoming CIP 1694 workshop, which is focused around the transition to the Voltaire era of Cardano. Amir mentions that the workshop will take place at the Youth Hub in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, June 25th, and encourages everyone to attend. He highlights that it will be an in-person event and emphasizes the importance of gathering community input. Additionally, they mention that Juanna Attieh will be conducting a virtual workshop, and they plan to participate in it as well to gather more insights. Amir also mentions the sunny weather in Abu Dhabi.

Rami, the host, expresses their regret for not being able to attend the in-person workshop due to being in Greece, but mentions their intention to sign up for the virtual workshop. They ask for a brief explanation of what a Cardano Improvement Protocol (CIP) is. Amir explains that CIPs are proposals for upgrades or updates to Cardano that anyone from the community can submit. CIP 1694 specifically focuses on transitioning to the Voltaire era of governance and aims to address questions related to decentralized ecosystem governance, D-reps (decentralized representatives), voting mechanisms, and non-confidence votes. The workshop will be held simultaneously in different locations worldwide, gathering community input to inform SIP 1694. Rami expresses enthusiasm and wishes good luck in organizing the Event. Amir acknowledges the hard work involved in organizing and mentions the support from the Cardano Foundation. They encourage interested individuals to follow their Twitter contacts for registration and updates, hinting at possible surprises during the event

Rami expresses excitement about the event and acknowledges the importance of growing the Cardano community in the Middle East. Amir assures that this workshop is just one of many events and emphasizes the goal of fostering a thriving community with regular meetups and communication channels. Rami mentions the upcoming virtual workshop, sharing the date and time (Tuesday, around 7:00 PM Dubai time) and plans to share the registration link. They also inquire about the Dxb pool, asking Mohammad to provide more information about their role and the stake pool they operate. Mohammad explains that Dxb pool is a stake pool aimed at supporting the Cardano ecosystem, particularly in Germany and America, and mentions their assistance to Amir in organizing the event.

Amir expresses gratitude for Mohammad’s support and highlights their collaboration in organizing the workshop. They encourage others to support Dxb pool and emphasize the importance of decentralization in different regions to secure the Cardano network. Rami commends their achievements and expresses pride in their hard work.
The conversation then shifts to discussing Catalyst Fund 10, with Amir expressing excitement and admiration for Cardano’s treasury fund. They mention their participation in previous funds and express eagerness for the return of Fund 10. He also shares his idea for a new challenge called “Grow Cardano, Grow Arabia,” focusing on the Middle East region.

Amir highlights the high percentage of people in the UAE who have worked on blockchain, emphasizing the need to reach out to this group and provide Cardano solutions. They express admiration for Cardano’s ecosystem and its unique treasury fund. Rami agrees and expresses passion for promoting Cardano in the region. They plan to write a proposal for Catalyst Fund 10 and hope to receive funding for their work. The conversation concludes with gratitude for the participants and a shoutout to Juanna for her efforts in organizing the workshops. Amir invites attendees to ask questions and emphasizes the community-building aspect of the events. They assure that they are there to provide support and knowledge about Cardano.

Finally, Rami expresses gratitude for the interview and the passion it has ignited in him. He thank the participants for their time and insights and wish them a wonderful Sunday and a productive week ahead. The interview concludes with a farewell and good wishes.

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Sneak Peak : CIP-1694 Workshop - Google Slides

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Thank you for setting up this interview. Looking forward a second one post event. We will share some highlights!

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