MENA CIP 1694 Workshops Follow up

In this conversation/interview, Rami and Amir discuss various topics related to the Cardano blockchain and its community activities. The interview covers:

  1. Introduction: The conversation starts with greetings and a mention of the warm weather in Abu Dhabi. They briefly mention summer activities and express gratitude for technology and air conditioning. :hot_face:
  2. Local Workshop in Abu Dhabi: Amir summarizes the recent local workshop in Abu Dhabi, organized to introduce newcomers to blockchain and the Cardano Improvement Protocol. The workshop focused on the Cardano 1694 governance proposal, emphasizing minimum viable governance requirements. They highlight the interaction, participation, and ideas generated during the workshop. The outcomes were sent to the global team for further consideration.
  3. Global Workshop in Edinburgh: The guest ( Amir) talks about a follow-up global workshop organized by Cardano Foundation, I O G, and others. This event brought together community organizers from around the world to discuss the CIP 1694 governance proposal. The workshop was held at a university in Edinburgh, with participants sharing their ideas on governance steps and receiving input from different regions.
  4. Next Steps: Amir discusses the next steps after the workshops, mentioning ongoing discussions and testing of various iterations on governance actions, voting processes, and proposal evaluation. They encourage community members to participate and share feedback through platforms like GitHub and the 1694 proposal.
  5. Project Catalyst and Voting: The conversation shifts to Project Catalyst, a funding initiative for the Cardano ecosystem. They mention the ongoing assessment of proposals by assessors and the upcoming voting period. Individuals holding over 500 ADA can register and use the Catalyst voting app to participate. Amir emphasizes the importance of voting and mentions potential rewards.
  6. Assessor Role: Rami explains the role of assessors in evaluating proposals for Project Catalyst. They highlight the value of assessors’ evaluations for voters who might not have in-depth knowledge of certain proposals.
  7. Delegating Votes in the Future: They mention the possibility of delegating voting power to representatives in the upcoming Voltaire era. This delegation system would allow individuals to participate indirectly through trusted representatives.
  8. Community Building and Meetups: Amir expresses a desire to foster an active community through both virtual and in-person events. They discuss the importance of open discussions and plan to host meetups in different regions, encouraging community growth and engagement.
  9. Conclusion: The conversation ends with mutual appreciation and well wishes.

Overall, the conversation covers topics related to Cardano workshops, governance, Project Catalyst, assessors’ roles, future governance steps, and community engagement within the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

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