Pacific Town Hall - May 17, 2023

Hey everyone,

We had another great Pacific Town Hall on May 17, 2023. Here is a recap of what was discussed:

Community Updates:


  • Lead Generator
  • CIP-1694 workshop preparation
  • Vancouver CIP-1694 Workshop is happening on Saturday, June 3
  • Cardano Summit 2023 in Vancouver
  • ODIN kick off meeting on May 30
  • Final dRep Book Club on May 31 - Reinventing Discovery


  • Facilitator’s Collective
  • DAOs Love Cardano kick-off today at TH
  • Holistic Systems Collective (gig workers) running their own agency through Grace’s course.


  • Took Plutus Pioneers course
  • Learned a lot about smart contracts and it clarified how they all work


  • Watching Sumo
  • Talking with lots of interesting folks
  • Lots of travel coming up for CIP-1694 workshops in Vancouver, MA, Tokyo
  • Parameter meeting minutes published on Cardano Forums
  • CF is pushing sentiment analysis for SPOs


  • Socious and Cardano at Blockchain Tokyo event
  • Cycling 500 km across Japan to raise awareness for marginalized youth


  • Organizing CIP-1694 event in Vancouver
  • SPO voting conversation

Next meetup is May 31, 2023!

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