Diversity is our strength

Dear Cardano community,

Our community is growing exponentially and is welcoming people from all over the world. Cardano is going from strength to strength thanks to our diversity, different points of view and the sheer enthusiasm to make the world a better place with Cardano.

As our ecosystem grows and new participants from various walks of life join our project, we want to ensure that our community members are making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. We are stronger because of our differences, and our shared passion for the Cardano protocol brings us together regardless of our backgrounds.

The Cardano Project is thriving because of the hard work and dedication from people around the globe, with a diverse range of cultural and social backgrounds. As such, our Cardano Community Code of Conduct embodies our commitment to ensuring that all of our community members are respected, welcomed, and able to contribute to the Cardano ecosystem; as well as being afforded equitable opportunities regardless of their ethnic and racial backgrounds, country of origin, gender identity, age, language, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or disability.

We are particularly hopeful that our Ambassadors and stake pool operators, who have an elevated duty as active participants in the Cardano ecosystem, take the lead in helping our community evolve into a safe space for everyone.

The Cardano Foundation promotes respect for everyone within the community, and we take all measures to ensure we grow in strength thanks to our diversity. Let us act as one and build the best community possible across all our public and private interactions.

We should all be very grateful to have one of the most welcoming and flourishing communities in the entire blockchain space, and we all need to work to ensure our community is as welcoming as we can make it, together.

Our strength is in our diversity!

The Cardano Community Management Team


Well written and a very important communiqué. :clap:

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Absolutely Weimar.