DnsSubscription:Error Application Exception ExceededTimeLimit

I think it’s an old issue but now tou are seing because in configuration file is

“MaxConcurrencyDeadline”: 2,
“TraceBlockFetchClient”: true,
“TraceBlockFetchDecisions”: true,

Can u check your old files if this option was false?

it is happening even with MaxConcurrencyDeadline is set.
these params just make more logs if it is true, or? does it modify the behavior of the node?

“TraceBlockFetchClient”: true,
“TraceBlockFetchDecisions”: true

Nope… just logs… that’s why I said could be an old issue but you are seing the logs now because in config are seted to true…

But how your producer looks? Working like a producer?

You can use this script

even when the trace are false I can see it…

can you please tell us, since when do you have that issue?
did you have any changes before the issue?
config changes, or upgrade, or something?

For me the solution was to modify the default topology list. It seems that relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io does not work always. By adding different relay node to the topology.json solved the issue.
Thx for the help!

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Can you please share where I can find details of other relay nodes in testnet?

good question - I will try to figure it out as well since I would like to setup a testnet node soon