Do we want to add (low) requirements for people to start new/reply in topics in the stake pool operator forums?

This is an ongoing discussion, and I’d love to hear feedback on this topic:

We could require trust level 1 for everyone to start new topics in the SPO categories: “setup a pool”, “operate a pool” and “pool security” And while I pushed this idea back at first (because I thought the requirement was posting a certain amount of topics), I think this is the way to go for the SPO categories because every one of you knows that without digging in first there is no way to run a pool :))

It will help to decrease moderation and frustration work in these categories. (by a lot of wrongly started topics with technical support questions on wallets and whatnot)

Trust level 1 means:

  • User must “enter” 5 topics before promotion to trust level 1.
  • User must “read” 30 posts before promotion to trust level 1.
  • User must “spend” 10 minutes reading posts before promotion to trust level 1.

Yeah, that is a good idea - but how this will be advertised? Once I registered to another forum - had discourse engine too - and there were no any hint why I could not start new topic.
Will it be advertised in an initial welcome message? or in a pinned post under the category?

I like that idea. It gives an incitament to be part of the community and not just visit the forum to get your help and leave. People might even find topics where they can help someone else or at least get to know something new they might have missed.
As long as the requirements are clear (as @laplasz wrote).

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Thank you for your inputs. The change is now active and affects all Developer categories and Stake Pool Operator categories.

Similar discussion was here: Do we want to add (low) requirements for people to start new/reply in topics in the developer forums?


@laplasz if you try to create a or reply to a post the forum will explain exactly what you need and why you can not do this right now.

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I think someone already faced with this new restrictions

First he registered his question under TEchnical support, then under Delegation - but could not move the topic under subcategory Setup a Stake Pool

So what happened is new user not prevented him to register a question instead he registered in another category…
Any thought on that?
Should we asked them to get the Trust level 1 first, and then move his question, or?

another user:

so my question @adatainment is where this explanation exactly and how is it look like - do you have a printscreen about it? thanks in advance

Of course we can’t prevent people from just posting in other categories. Moderators can still move topics in the Developer or Stake Pool Operator categories and this way is still better than the other way around, if you consider that there are individual subject matter experts that monitor exactly one category and thus do not receive false positives.