Do you need to monitor your delegated pool(s) for saturation?

I understand you shouldn’t delegate to a saturated pool. Is it necessary to keep checking on your pool to see if it is saturated? Are your rewards “safe” forever with delegating to a non-saturated or do you need to keep monitoring the pool for potential saturation? I would like to delegate to a non-saturated pool and not have the need to continually check my pool(s) for possible saturation penalties.

You need to keep checking but there are relatively easy ways of doing it. If you use Telegram you can register with the adapools bot which will notify you of any changes to the pool(s) you’re interested in. I’m sure, if there aren’t other similar services already, there soon will be.


As the article below points out, it is probably safe to delegate to pools MUCH smaller than at saturation-level, since also pools up to 50% smaller than pool saturation occasionally will suffer reduced rewards:

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Know that the conclusions of this article are in dispute. Do your own research.