Do you need to monitor your delegated pool(s) for saturation?

I understand you shouldn’t delegate to a saturated pool. Is it necessary to keep checking on your pool to see if it is saturated? Are your rewards “safe” forever with delegating to a non-saturated or do you need to keep monitoring the pool for potential saturation? I would like to delegate to a non-saturated pool and not have the need to continually check my pool(s) for possible saturation penalties.

You need to keep checking but there are relatively easy ways of doing it. If you use Telegram you can register with the adapools bot which will notify you of any changes to the pool(s) you’re interested in. I’m sure, if there aren’t other similar services already, there soon will be.


As the article below points out, it is probably safe to delegate to pools MUCH smaller than at saturation-level, since also pools up to 50% smaller than pool saturation occasionally will suffer reduced rewards:

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Know that the conclusions of this article are in dispute. Do your own research.


Hmm not quite sure i’ve understood the discussion here. I joined a pool that had 50% saturation. Its now at 85%… Should I look for a new one?

I’m not quite clear if a saturated pool is bad if you already joined it before it saturated??

I have the same question. Are early stakeholders protected from saturation or does everyone suffer if a pool gets saturated?

All the stakeholders are treated equal, when a pool is oversaturated the rewards diminish for everyone. There are many pools that are far form saturation to chose from, even small pools that are looking for delegators to begin minting blocks (like mine IPIB), you could chose one of those. Anyway one in while checking the pool status is a good idea.

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Thank you @IPIB_Pool !

A follow up question, is Daedalus pool ranking any good or do most peeps goto etc?

The Daedalus ranking might be the same of adapools. Yoroi uses the same database.
I suggest you don’t use only the ranking to select but try to chose a pool based on its goal. Every pool have a site that explains the pool goals and plans. Take a look at mine: IPIB.

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Yeah its confusing that right now the top ranked pools in daedalus have 99.99% saturation?? Why would Daedalus rank so high with that saturation?

On ADAFR is not even ranked, probably because it’s 101% saturated.

Yeah but on the top ranked one [ETO1] eToro Pool 1 has 287% saturation!?

I keep hearing saturation = bad but then when looking at ranking these websites and apps rank pools with really high saturation

#1 ranking on adapools is 21ADA, ETO1 is not in the top 1000

It’s no.2 now… an ADLT4 has 501% saturation?? How can that be no.1?

Check your search settings.
This is with “order by score”:

This is with “order by stake”:

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ahh thank you!

So in that case [21ADA] is no.1 and lifetime ROA is 9.25% but ROA is 3.89%… Guess its leveling off several factors

It’s a new pool, so the blocks are not minted regularly, that’s why the numbers are not really meaningful in that case.

Got it… thank you this is really helpful!..

Also so looking at say [EDEN] on the saturation is 25% where as on daedulas its 99.99%? Why aren’t they the same? And which one is accurate?

Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 16.25.36

The pool is saturated also on adapools: 101%, not 25.
If you are looking for an unsaturated pool, 0% fee and are willing to help it kickstart, look at mine: IPIB.

where are you seeing 101%? I can see 25%?