Staking on Daedalous - how often to check if pool is still active and not saturated?

So I used to stake on Exodus, but now I’m staking on Daedalus because you can get a little higher returns like that.

However, on Exodus you don’t have to worry about it at all. But if I’m understanding it correctly, on Daedalus you’re better off checking from time to time, because if a pool become saturated or shuts down, you get reduced or no rewards (depending on whether it’s saturated or shut down).

So, is checking once per month enough, or maybe better to check once per week?



It is better when u delegate to a pool, to follow that pool via social media like twitter or telegram; this way u will be all the time updated with the pool changes or news;

Also U can check the pool activities on or


Hey Alex, thanks for the reply.

That doesn’t work for me. I don’t like having to “keep an eye out” for things.

I want to either get notified if a specific thing happens (in this case pool saturation or closure), or to put it on my to-do list to check weekly or monthly to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, those websites you shared, none of those will work for me for this. I think it will have to go on my weekly to-do list.

Here is where I’m staking by the way -

They gave the highest returns (assuming my calculations are correct with the epochs and all that) and had saturation below 90%, so that’s why I chose them.

Happy for ur decission !

But fyi, on a long term (year) all pools will return to u around 5-5,5% rewards; this is how the protocol runs; true that from epoch to epoch (short time) the rewards can differ from pool to pool …


You can subscribe to bots like https://a which can also notify you if there are any changes to your delegated pool, and optionally notify you about rewards earned each epoch.

Okay, so what I ended up doing was I went to and I installed their app on my phone.

Then I went in their “Rewards” section and scanned my wallet. This way I should get notified every time I receive a reward.

Then I went to their “Pools” section and I found the pool on which I’m staking. I favorited it. Then I went to the notifications (alarm bell symbol) area and ticked to get notified when there are “Fee changes,” when there is “Saturation,” and when there is a “New Block.”

I really only care about the saturation, and maybe the fee changes. But anyway I ticked all notifications, just, you know, semantics :stuck_out_tongue:


Assuming this all works, I should now get notified of any changes to this pool, and I should also get notified when I receive any rewards from my staking.

Done and done :slight_smile: