Does the explorer offer raw tx view and tx broadcast and verify?

Other blockchain explorers (such as offer send and verify raw tx functionality, as well as view raw tx.

Does Cardano explorer have similar functionality?

No, unfortunately but we plan to add this in Seiza eventually

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Thanks @SebastienGllmt for quick reply.

Just wonder what other options I can have to test tx broadcasting and verification? Say I’d like to construct and sign a raw tx programmatically, and would like to test it out.

You can send the tx directly to the relay nodes (which won’t work when Shelley launches). This what wallets do right now under the hood

Thanks @SebastienGllmt, I assume you are in Byron phase at the moment, and do you offer any public RPC nodes for other developers to broadcast tx to?
Say I’m constructing raw tx from within my iOS wallet and trying to connect to your RPC node in order to verify and broadcast the tx.